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Idlewild Trust


3SC identifies delivery opportunities, creates integrated supply chain solutions and manages public service contracts.

3SC's website

Abolition of The Death Penalty

The Abolition of The Death Penalty is an all party parliamentary group which campaigns against the death penalty worldwide.

Abolition of The Death Penalty's website

Caritas Anchor House


Caritas Anchor House is a Catholic homelessness charity. However, they are more than that – they are a residential and life-skills centre for single homeless adults, and act as a community empowerment hub in the local area.

Caritas Anchor House's website

The Ambulance Services Charity

The Ambulance Services Charity

Are the leading UK charity that supports current and retired Ambulance Services personnel and their families in their time of difficulty or urgent need.

The Ambulance Services Charity's website

UK Sustainable Investment Finance Association

good money week logo

Good Money Week, 19-25 October 2014, is an opportunity to ensure those you trust with your money are looking after it well and using it in ways that benefit society and protect the environment.

UK Sustainable Investment Finance Association's website

Stonehill Financial

Offers financial advice.

Stonehill Financial's website

The Kensington Business Network

Networking group of professional, committed business owners focusing on delivering real revenues for each other.

The Kensington Business Network's website

Link Community Development

Link works to identify and remove the obstacles to quality education in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda..

Link Community Development's website

Westminster Amalgamated Charity

The aim of the Westminster Amalgamated Charity today is to continue the activity common to all the predecessor charities, namely the relief of need in Westminster by way of Grants, both for individuals and for organisations.

Westminster Amalgamated Charity's website


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