Westminster Amalgamated Charity

Keith Rea, CEO of Westminster Amalgamated Charity, explains how The Gallery Partnership rebuilt WAC’s existing website.

“Our original website, with which we have been very pleased, was launched in 2010. It had a simple content management system which suited our needs at the time. By 2015 the developer, with whom we had a very good on-going relationship, informed us that he had been offered a full-time role by an organisation for which he had provided consultancy and had decided to take the opportunity.  We were sorry to part company but did so on good terms. As we were already using Gallery's Benefactor grant making software and had a longstanding relationship with the Gallery team, we approached Gallery to discuss an overhaul of our existing site.

We needed new web hosting and we also wanted to take the opportunity to have a more sophisticated CMS and back end system and some other new features like a good image gallery, but ultimately we were really happy with the design and look and feel of the site we already had. The great thing about the team at Gallery is that their egos never came into it – they were only too happy to keep the things we were happy with and just change what needed to be changed. The new site went live in February 2016 and we are so pleased with it, plus we are finding Drupal really easy to use.

We really enjoy working with Gallery – they are definitely a partner not just a supplier.”

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