Efficient Communication, Improved Management and Efficiency


Labyrinth is designed to assist staff in busy Hospital acute departments where the numbers of Patients, Wards and Labs
mean it is no longer possible to communicate Patient progress effectively.

Just take a moment to calculate the amount of time which can be wasted chasing patients and re-organising procedures!
Then there is the work to collect, compile and report on Lab performance levels.
With Labyrinth, you can:

-          Import and Schedule the Day List automatically overnight
-          Track and manage Patient status in real time
-          Communicate seamlessly between staff members and avoid wasting time chasing around
-          Have an overview of all Patients going through each Lab in an instant

Individual team members can work independently with the information they need, viewing Patients by Ward, Lab or Procedure, without referring to others, with Lab utilisation and ‘up-time’ maximised

Efficient Tracking

Data is downloaded each day from your appointment system. As each Patient moves through the various stages of their procedure, staff record their progress with a simple mouse-click, which logs the time and event. Thus Labyrinth tracks Patient pathways from arrival on the Ward, through the Labs and on to discharge, allowing clinical staff to concentrate on clinical work instead of simply chasing information.

Flexible List Views

One of the great features of Labyrinth is that staff can view the data from many different perspectives. They can select by patients, procedures, admission types, from both the Lab or Ward perspective. This allows staff to organise and view all the information which is relevant to their own particular role.

All of the Labs' Day List patients can be seen simultaneously on one screen, with each Lab able to view their own complete day's list, on-screen, in real-time.
If a task has not been performed, Labyrinth's dashboard screen will act as a highly visible prompt.

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Real Time Data Capture

Information on patient progress is updated in real time throughout the day. All staff can immediately see where a patient is at a given time.

Seamless Communication between Wards and Cath Labs

Labyrinth dramatically improves communication on patient progress between Wards and Labs, by providing details on all Patients and Labs in real-time on one screen - removing the frustrating and time-consuming effort of chasing Patient and Lab status.

Now the List can be run efficiently, with the stress is taken out of the Lab Co-ordinator's role, giving them time to contribute to clinical work.
Information collected is available for comprehensive Management reporting.

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Cost Effective

We GUARANTEE you will enjoy a significant return on your investment within the first year.

More patients can be treated with no increase in resources.

VIEW OUR NEW WEBSITE HERE: labyrinth.software

Monitors Lab Performance for Planning and Audit Purposes

As well as recording events, Labyrinth analyses data and generates reports, producing graphs and raw data for planning and audit purposes. It notes the causes of delays, cancellations and other inefficiencies. This gives you an overall view of how the labs are working and where the hold ups are.

Improves Efficiency

The information generated will allow you to evaluate your service provision promoting greater efficiency. Lab utilisation can be monitored, problems identified and different approaches can be tried and tested.

Recording Radiation Dosage

Labyrinth records radiation dosage entered by the radiographer and collates it in the reporting module. This makes it easier to both monitor current practice and agree Local Dose Reference Levels complying with Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations. It used to take a member of the radiology team two weeks every three months to collate this data by hand. Patients on research trials can be clearly identified and their dosages can be audited separately.