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We utilise Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to build a virtual server(s) to store your data or database and have the Microsoft Office Suite installed and other compatible applications.

Azure is cloud computing platform created by Microsoft for deploying and managing various applications. At Gallery we have an Azure network already in existence and can add new servers as part of our existing infrastructure, so we can manage it for you.

Resources, such as RAM, CPU, and disk space, allocated to your company’s dedicated virtual server, are scalable and can be increased as your company needs change.

Rather than running on the user’s own client computer, all processing is actually being carried out on the server. However it gives users the experience of sitting at a desk, using a PC in the office.

Each staff member will have a dedicated remote desktop shortcut on their pc or mac enabling them to connect to this server from the office or from their home office. They can also connect from a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

With this solution staff have an easy way to access the data and can view or edit files all in one highly available and secure place, safe in the knowledge that hosted desktop servers are always available and are backed up nightly to a highly secure cloud location using Azure Backup Services.

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