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SharePoint is a complex web-based document management platform from Microsoft. We have created a special configuration for our charity clients, which is well organised and simple to use. We call this The Charity "ShareCentre" which brings people together into one shared online space. This is where you store your organisation’s working documents, such as letters, spreadsheets, images, videos, invoices, financial and staff information. You can also access your emails, contacts, share calendars and publish news.

About libraries and tag sets…
The ShareCentre operates using document libraries and tag sets. Libraries are the folders where you store your organisation’s working documents. We go to great lengths to ensure document ‘findability’. During the implementation we work with you to produce tag sets or keywords, which we use as a framework for organising and filtering your documents, thereby developing your unique organisational taxonomy. You can permission access to individual document libraries, eg a Trustee library which only Trustees can access, or a Finance Library limited to Finance staff.

Gallery will work with you to plan your online journey and create a unique solution.

In the example above, Westminster Amalgamated Charity have 6 document libraries. We can easily add extra libraries if required. Tag sets are the search terms you use to categorise and then filter your documents so that they can be located within the ShareCentre. When documents are uploaded to document libraries they are tagged by the user on the way in. One of the great benefits of working in this way is that staff have to structure organisational documentation in a sensible way. Colleagues no longer have to drill down into a file server with muliple layers of files and folders, organised by someone else, in order to find (or lose!) shared documents.

About Documents…

Documents, spreadsheets, images, videos of all file types can be stored, downloaded and edited then saved and uploaded for continued sharing. Microsoft docs like Word and Excel can also be edited online, without the need to download. This gives you all the freedom and benefits of mobile working. You can access your documents from anywhere with a wifi connection, on a variety of different devices. Imagine working on your files without encountering version conflicts when staff are emailing files back and forth or sacrificing security by copying files onto USB sticks.

About the Search Centre…

The ShareCentre includes a specially configured, fast and robust search centre tool which searches the document content, title and tags. Unlike the file explorer tool, this allows you to locate your documents very quickly without even having to access your document libraries. We have added search refiners, which allow you to refine the search further, so you can always find your documents, easily and quickly.

Gallery will configure The ShareCentre to meet your organisation's exact needs, giving you the document libraries, tag sets and searches you require to organise and find ALL your information FAST.

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About The Gallery Partnership

Gallery has been working with charities for 20 years. As specialists in the sector, we are able to offer a depth of knowledge and appreciation for the way charities work and an understanding of their strategic and operational objectives. We have been working with SharePoint for over four years and are Microsoft Partners. Premium support packages are available when you subscribe to any of our Cloud services.

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