Westminster Amalgamated Charity

Keith Rea, CEO of Westminster Amalgamated Charity, explains why they switched their IT and network support to Gallery.

“As a grant making organisation, we’d been using Gallery’s Benefactor software for around three years by 2012 (link to Benefactor case study), but we had another supplier who was supplying our main IT and network support. We had originally moved to this company a few years previously, after we outgrew what was basically a “one-man band” IT support and needed a major upgrade to our IT – replacing obsolete hardware, upgrading email and generally reviewing our whole IT infrastructure.

At first the relationship was good but recently we had been getting increasingly fed up with frequently poor customer service, slower reaction times and a generally uncommitted attitude. There was no “spark” and no proactivity, we felt. Things got even worse after our main contact there left. We felt that we didn’t matter to them.

We had an excellent relationship with Gallery already due to our work with them on Benefactor, which we used for all our grant administration - I was getting very good feedback on them from my team and it was at Gallery’s suggestion for example that we have started to look at an online grant application system and the seeds of many other good ideas for the business have been sown by the Gallery team. We felt that whatever product or service they provided, we’d get the same excellent quality of service that we had with Benefactor. They are always on the end of the telephone, always ready to help. There’s never any hard sell and importantly, they talk plain English!

Also, at the same time that we were reviewing our network support, we needed a new website so this led to another major IT review in effect. We talked to Gallery, who took us through all the IT, software and website services they could supply in addition to the Benefactor software we were already using, including not only traditional network support but also Cloud services.

In 2015 we finally took the decision to move all our IT and software requirements to Gallery and I’m so pleased we took that decision. What a revelation! Having everything under one roof, provided by a single partner who advises us across all our website, IT and software needs has transformed the way we work.  We are 100% committed now to move to the Cloud as well once our broadband is upgraded and we’ve completed a hardware review.

Gallery has helped us put together a compelling value proposition for our trustees, as it’s obviously important that we make a good case to them.  I am confident that we are in good shape for the future thanks to our excellent relationship with Gallery and the proposals they have made to make sure that our IT infrastructure will aid our future growth not hinder it. I never feel pushed by them; I’m confident they’d never try to sell me something we don’t need”.

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