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Apricot is a fully customisable database which can be configured to meet your organisations' needs. It can be developed to co-ordinate with your processes and meet exact reporting requirements. If you run multiple indvidual projects, which are separate from each other and are designed to meet the needs of different people in different ways, then you need a flexible database with the ability to go above and beyond building customised forms and data reports. Apricot can be tailored to fit specific needs and workflow. It is not an out of the box solution and does not force your staff to work within the confines of a prescribed workflow.

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"The impact of our programmes is huge not only because of the work put into them but because of the system in place -Apricot- which allows us to analyse, go back, make improvements and communicate progresses to our stakeholders. Our reporting used to take hours. Now we are using Apricot it takes only minutes. It's not only faster but much more detailed." Will Jones, Development Director, Brainstrust

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